Zinc for Health

Essential for strong immune function, Zinc-IN and VIR-Arrest, an all-natural ionophore, support respiratory immunity health

How They
Partner Together


Specially formulated to promote absorption beyond what’s available through daily nutrition


A traditional Asia-Pacific medicinal herb, all-natural Sophora flavescens has ionophore properties to create a pathway at the cellular level


With the ionophore creating a stable entry point, zinc reaches the interior of respiratory cells interrupting the viral replication process in its tracks

Elevating Zinc’s Effectiveness
with Boosting Ionophores

In this video, MedCram co-founder, Dr. Roger Seheult, clearly explains zinc’s beneficial anti-viral capabilities, as well as the role ionophores play in creating a gateway to usher zinc into respiratory cells. This collaborative process enhances zinc’s effectiveness when destroying a virus’ ability to replicate.

Dr. Seheult is board-certified in internal medicine, and an Associate Clinical Professor at both the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine, and Loma Linda University School of Medicine and Allied Health.

Essential Virus-Fighting



Our specially formulated zinc supplement

  • Boosts anti-viral immunity
  • Maximizes available zinc in the bloodstream
  • Positively impacts viral health
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Our all-natural organic formulation

  • An ionophore that supports zinc in impacting viral health
  • Allows zinc to penetrate cellular walls to combat virus replication
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2-in-1 Best Savings Offer

Zinc for Health Combo Pack


Pure Lyfe’s 2-in-1 combo pack features a special formulation of zinc that rushes into the bloodstream coupled with all-natural Vir-Arrest that opens cellular gates allowing zinc to combat viral replication and impacting overall immune health

What Our Customers Say

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Stay Healthy with Our Zinc
for Health Combo Pack

Combating viral replication may be the most effective way to stay healthy and boost your immune system. With Vir-Arrest leading the way by creating a cellular pathway, Zinc-IN can enter infected respiratory cells to halt virus replication and stop or lessen the severity of symptoms!